Time attendance system

Biometric Attendance Software
Time attendance system
Simplify employee time tracking and workforce management

Packed with exhaustive features and industry standard modules, Time Master is a comprehensive Time & Attendance system that adapts to any industry vertical of all size while upholding organization’s interest. WHY CHOOSE US:

  1. Highly reliable hardware
  2. Industry vertical experience
  3. Constantly upgrading product
  4. Reliable Technology
  5. Multiple functions in a single package
  6. Easy to use, smart product
  7. Easy to expand
RFID Based Attendance System RFID based attendance system Features
  • Watchdog function secures system keeping it free from halting.
  • Slim, stylish design, sensitive touch keypad with blue backlight.
  • The memory of the standard model is 15,000 cardholders and 150,000 events.
  • Unique ID or Block read format supported and programmable key value.
  • Provide RS-485 & TCP-IP communication interface to PC.
  • Support simple access control function and function keys of shifts which are convenient for personnel to generate time attendance reports.
  • LCD displays time, date, weekday and company name.
  • Memory buffer full warning.
  • On-board lithium battery ensures data storage can reach up to 1 year.
FINGER Based System – EBIO Features:
  • Composite algorithm system with high speed operating.Time attendance software
  • Embedded LINUX system, easy to integrate into the various system.
  • Standalone or network environment
  • Built-in access controller, Support 99 time zones, 5 groups, 10 door-opening combinations
  • Web server application for online solution
  • 24 hours continuous operation available

Shift Management

  • Comprehensive Shift Master to cater for all kinds of shifts including combined shifts.
  • Supports multiple breaks in a shift, in/out relaxation timings, grace period.
  • Fully functional and easy to use shift management module allows assigning of shifts to employees with ample flexibility.
  • Multiple shifts can be assigned on different days, weeks or for different months as and when required.
  • Supports auto-shift management, whereby system decides shifts automatically based on the clocking pattern.
  • Shifts can also be changed manually after the data processing and planned periodically.

Special Features

  • Canteen management integration.
  • Job costing and audit trail.
  • Auto emailer of report.
  • Gate pass.
  • Out station official visit tracking.
  • Warning and termination letters.
  • Automatic report scheduler and mailer.
  • Report layout tool (for clients do design the reports).
  • Integration to various ERPs (e.g SAP, SAGE, EBIZ, PEOPLESOFT & Third party payroll,.


With over 100 reports, the Time Master gives users exactly what is required regarding any time and attendance based queries. Some of the time attendance analysis reports
  • Report layout manager in-built with system.
  • In/out detail report
  • Absenteeism / presents report.
  • Clocking time analysis report.
  • Over time report.
  • Authorized over time report.
  • Late arrival report.
  • Early departure report
  • Total analysis report.
  • Shift wise employee strength report.
  • Manual modifications report.
  • Leaves transactions report.
  • Due leaves report.
  • Leaves summary.
  • And many more….


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Attendance Processing

  • Single click processing of the raw attendance data.
  • Allows processing in bulk or individual employees within flexible date range.
  • Option to manually change the timings by authorized users directly from attendance register.
  • Absent tracking with remarks, with permission /without.
  • More security, multiplex alarm alert support


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