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Key Software Features

Manual & Electronic Security Fixtures

We install, repair and maintain a huge range of manually operated and automatic security measures that will prevent pedestrian or vehicular access, or both, including:

  • Boom Barriers
  • Tripod barriers
  • Road Blockers
  • Low-height turnstiles
  • Swivel doors
  • Full height Turnstiles
  • Security Gates
  • Anti-ram Raid Bollards

Comprehensive Security Provider

Our security experts have years of experience and will assess your premises to ensure that you get the most appropriate security measure that will help you to control access in and around your property.

As we offer such a wide range of solutions, not only can we be sure to find something in your price range and to suit your specifications, but we can also provide something which will maintain the overall aesthetics of your entrance.

To find out more about how our security barriers, bollards and gates can benefit you, simply give us a call today.

X-ray scanner / Metal Detector

The solutions offered by Endeavour Africa Security System Division include detection equipment and networking software which allow effective screening of people entering sensitive areas, at the inside of buildings and outdoors, with the purpose of preventing the entry of metallic weapons. The available/suggested models use latest generation electronic technology and comply with the most stringent requirements for security and operational effectiveness and offer state of the art performance.

Turnstiles solutions are used to regulate and control the flow of people into and out of buildings. We recognize the need for different types of solutions, depending on the level of security and freedom of movement required.In areas where there is a large flow of people, indoor Tripod Turnstiles, Entrance Gates or Speed Gates provide discreet security which allows authorized individuals to pass through quickly and unhindered. Entry can be granted swiftly using a ticket, token or card. For higher level of security, Full-Height Turnstiles and Security Revolving Doors are more appropriate. Combined with electronic access control — such as a code, swipe card or biometric identification — our fullheight entrances provide you with the means to keep unauthorized individuals out.

Full Height Turnstile

Full Height Turnstiles are ideal where there is a need of a higher degree of security without manned Monitoring. Full Height Turnstiles provide a true barrier to restrict travel in controlled or restricted areas. These units will control high throughput traffic flow of up to 20 people per minute per turnstile.

Benefits of Full Height Turnstile

  • High traffic volumes.
  • High security standards.
  • Severe operating conditions.
  • Interior & exterior installations.
  • No routine maintenance.
  • Five-Year Guarantee.

Waist Height Turnstile

Waist high turnstiles are particularly popular in reception areas, leisure facilities and at events/concert venues, as well as railway / underground stations.

Waist height turnstiles are available in standard half height turnstile form (similar to our full height turnstile design) or as 3-arm tripod variations. Waist height turnstiles offer unobtrusive, highly efficient internal or external pedestrian traffic management where high security control isn’t required but nevertheless pedestrian access control is a must.


  • Half height turnstiles Available in standard or tripod variation.
  • Half height turnstiles Standard models are available with 3-arm, 120 degree spacing or 4-arm, 90 degree spacing.
  • Manual mechanical or electrical operation Available for half height turnstiles.
  • Half height turnstiles Uni- and bi- directional movement.
  • Free two-way rotation in failsafe mode (should there be a power cut, etc.)
  • Shock absorbent lock mechanism for ease and comfort of use available on all half height turnstiles
  • Available in a range of enamel paint colours or in various other finishes such as stainless steel for improved aesthetics

Glass Waist Height Turnstile

Glass Waist high turnstiles are particularly popular in reception areas, leisure facilities etc.

Fully automatic glass turnstile is perfect for access control installations that require the utmost in aesthetic appearance. With stainless steel tubular framing, this elegant turnstile provides twoway traffic security while enhancing its surroundings.

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