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PAY MASTER – Payroll Management System

payroll software

Innovative accurate and affordable payroll solution

Why choose PAYMASTER as a payroll management system?

  • Highly reliable: Having been used for 10 years paymaster caters for all industry vertical needs. Product has been tested for more than 2000 customers and is highly reliable and accurate.
  • Strong technical team: Endeavour Africa Group has 140 professionals across group and presence in 7 African countries. With a strong technical team a client can be assured of quality service and effective implementation.
  • Industry vertical experience: We have more than 500 installations on Payroll System. The software works for a wide range of clients with different requirements placing it as a completely parameterized system. It caters for various or industries such as manufacturing, distribution, hospital, super market, hotels, service industry, offices etc.
  • Constantly upgrading product:  Pay Master is constantly developed and upgraded. We keep on coming up with newer versions and new features to suit arising requirements.
  • End-to-end user control: It can be accessed from different machines accessing the same database server.
  • Multiple functions in a single package: A fully fledge ERP software, it is combination of different modules each with different functions that are set to give similar objectives.
  • Efficient resource utilization: Having been developed on plat-form, it is efficient in resource utilization  and requires an average inexpensive machine. It can run on any versions of windows operating systems.

Key Software Features

payroll management software


  • Conpreshensive masters to store employee information (e.g. bank, salary grades etc).
  • Multi-levels grouping for employees (i.e. branch, department, designation, category etc).
  • Employee wise benefits.
  • Advanced features to set applicable Payment/ deductions, pendsion, PF, HOSP. Housing allowance, insurance itremium, etc.
  • Detailed HR information for analysis and tracking.
  • User defined field (UDF) in employee master

Main Features

  • Fully configurable to suit any organizations policies.
  • Central client/ server architecture. Sal server database.
  • Multi company, Multi-user, Multi-location.
  • Supports all network infrastructures.
  • SQL SERVER database.
  • Handles both regular and casual employees.
  • Easy to use design.
  • Completely parameterized system to suite TAX regulations.
  • Toggle between the months to review / print any historic data.
  • Approved with relevant tax authorities for Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Nigera etc.
  • Seamless integration with Time attendance, Human Resources and various Accounting ERP systems.
  • Supports full third party software integration.
  • User Defined Payments/ Deductions.
  • Exports payroll reports to Excel, CSV and PDF.
  • One step backup and restore.
  • Handling huge number of employees.
  • Possibility of data migration from the existing payroll.(masters only).
  • Editable Monthly and Annual Paye table and NHIF table.
  • Flexible and customizable setup for computation of reliefs under tax laws such as Insurance Relief, Owner Occupied Interest Relief, Provident Fund, Pension Schemes and Home Ownership Saving Plan (HOSP).
  • Flexible and parameter based setup for taxation of employee benefits to incorporate additions and changes to tax laws with an option to create additional benefits field for future.

Security Level

  • Role based security.
  • Policy based processing of salaries (i.e. Branch, Departments, Designation and Category).
  • Controlled access to reports.

Leave Management

Leave management module is an In-Built Comprehensive Leave Management tool best suited for creation and calculation and overall management of leaves through:

  • Parameterized leave rules creations e.g. total leave days, accumulation of leaves, treatment of holidays, weekly offs, Saturdays on a defined leave.
  • User can create virtually unlimited leaves e.g. Annual leave, Sick leave, Maternity leave, Paternity leave, etc…
  • Leaves can be defined as paid leave or unpaid leave, En-cashable leaves, etc…
  • In-Built leaves encashment
  • Leave extension and deduction
  • Balancing forward of leaves
  • User friendly leave application form with extensive information while entering leaves.
  • Advance loan repayment schedule & reporting.
  • Advanced in-built leave management module.

Payment and Deduction

In addition to pre-defined payment & deductions, system supports, custom payment/deduction. Users can create Virtually Unlimited Payment/Deductions as per the needs.

Payment/deductions can be created as:

  • Variable (Changes Every Processing Period, e.g. Allowances)
  • Fixed (Remains Constant Until Changed e.g. COTU, UNION, MEDICAL, etc…), Rate Based (Has Fixed Rate per unit e.g. Piece Rate based Payment, Hours Based Payment)
  • Calculated (Formula Based e.g. 5% Of Basic + Housing + OT)
  • Slab Based (e.g. Sales Commission, Target from 100,000 to 350,000, Pay 3,500 Kshs Or 10%, etc…).
  • Easy to Use Payment/Deduction Entry Screen for Monthly Inputs
  • Single/Bulk Entry Of the Various Payments/Deductions.
  • Import Payment/Deduction from Excel.
  • Fixed payments and deductions meaning when created the  value does not change but instead recurs automatically every  other month.
  • Assignment of payments and deductions therefore preventing erroneous entering of values in payments or deductions to which and employee is not eligible to.
  • Scheduled payments and deductions allowing assigning an opening balance, setting a beginning date and scheduling installments.

Payroll management

  • Maintain Cumulative Balances for pension.
  • Option to specify voluntary NSSF, Pension etc.
  • Maintain details of various benefits e.g. Motor vehicle details etc.
  • One click process to calculate employee payslip.
  • Salary revision module to calculate arrears automatically.
  • Revision effective from past or current dates, fixed amount, percentage etc.
  • In built user defined payslip message for greetings, notices, etc.

Loan Management

The loan management module is a tool used in creation and modification of leaves. It facilitates setting up of loans through their interest rates and describing whether to be compounded or simple and whether to use fringe benefit.

  • Manages various loans being granted to employees.
  • Manages recovery of loans.
  • Automatic Interest calculation & deduction.
  • Interest Calculation on Reducing Balance/ Principle Amount.
  • Automatic fringe benefit calculation & reporting schedule.
  • Loans Addition/Deduction at any given point of the month.
  • Loans vouchers with pre-defined (pre-agreed) loan repayment.

pay master software

Saving Management

Savings management module is a tool designed to accommodate management of savings done through the company savings scheme.

  • Can create virtually unlimited saving schemes.
  • Manages interest rates per individual saving schemes.
  • Manages Balances per Saving Scheme.
  • Easy to manage savings transactions entry Screen.
  • Automatic deduction of the saving contributions.

Once employee is enrolled in a saving scheme, the first contribution becomes the opening balance. An interest rate define during the savings setup is earned and an optional contribution for that month can be specified. A withdrawal can also be considered and specified in the savings management.

Reports writer and designer

  • Create almost every kind of transactional/summary reports.
  • Create year to date reports.
  • Pre-defined/ on the fly filters.
  • Various options like group by, sort by, totals formatting etc.
  • Export to Excel, CSV, fixed width file.
  • Easy user friendly addition/deletion of various columns.


  • In built Analysis & Statutory Reports.
  • Monthly Statutor Reports. E.g. NHIF, NSSF, PAYE, etc.
  • Loan/ Saving Reports with Cumulative Balances.
  • Coinage analysis for net pay/advances.
  • Salary/advance label printing.
  • Bank/cheque/cash payment reports.
  • Payroll summary report.
  • Various user defined payments/deductions.
  • Negative salary report.
  • Year to date analysis.
  • Leave reports.
  • All statutory reports as per country specifications & regulations.
  • Compatible with online submission of statutory reports.
  • Payroll reconciliation report.
  • Benefits report.
  • Piece rate worker payment report.
  • Combined company total payroll report.
  • DIT submission report.
  • PF contribution report.


  • Net To Basic Calculator.
  • Payslips Auto Mailer.
  • Audit trail.
  • Interactive Payslip Designer.
  • Gratuity
  • In built EFT Layout designer for direct bank transfer (online banking)
  • In built JV design for direct integration to financial solutions (SAP, SAGE, TALLY, EBIZ, ENQUEST, SUN SYSTEMS
  • Report scheduler and mailer

payroll management system

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