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HR MASTER – A Human Resources Information System(HRIS)

  • No dedicated staff cost.
  • No hardware & maintenance cost.
  • No database cost.
  • No software cost.
  • Faster innovation and regular updates at no additional cost.

Key Software Features

Employee Life Cycle

The employee life cycle identifies stages in employees’ careers to help guide their management and optimize associated processes.

Leave Management

An automated system to manage Leave and attendance processes. The leave management helps in tracking the employee’s leaves and provides necessary reports to manager as and when required

Time & Attendance

A system for planning, capturing and monitoring employee attendance. Our Time and attendance system captures the in and out timings of the workforce directly from the Biometric or card swipe systems.


Payroll & Reimbursement solution that provides “Self-Service” facility to Employees and offers choice and flexibility in Payroll & Reimbursement Processes Through the payroll module you provide your employees the flexibility to download their pay slips, form 16 any time they want. At the same time additional facilities like flexi benefit planner and online tax calculator at one end provides an extraordinary experience to the workforce, on the other end removes administrative hassles from your part. Through reimbursement module, employees can raise their non ctc claims and same gets processed online as per pre-defined workflows without any hassles.


This module comprises features which streamline the applicant tracking process effectively. In online recruitment you can receive job applications online, filter these applications by criterias defined by you. You can also short list and schedule interviews with email notifications

Grievance Handling

Covers the full cycle of handling and recording of employee grievances in a smooth and user friendly tool.


Covers all disciplinary actions taken with regards to employees – information about charges, internal inquiries and warnings. This module also enables capturing court case information against employees.

Rewards and Recognitions.

Eases the employee rewarding and recognition process by integrating with the related HR modules available in your organization.

Performance Management/Appraisal

Facilitating automated performance appraisal across the organization covering 180 degrees and 360 degree appraisals. Allows the evaluation of different groups of employees and manage other performance related tasks. It also helps track the progress of individual employees or whole groups with the ability to analyze and adjust their performance bell curve. Employees are also encouraged to set goals for defined future periods through this module.

Training and Development

Assists with all training and development functions from needs analysis to training evaluations. This module defines the training areas and subjects, training institutions, resource persons, types of training, examinations, scheduling training programs etc. Training and Development provides features to handle different types of training program applications, track attendance, evaluations and training cost.

HR Dash Board

A tool that can be used to display the indices of success of any given organization and its employees. It acts as a status indicator of selected crucial criteria, specific to an organization depending on the type of industry. Usefull ratio analysis brings immense value to the top management in their decision making. This gives human resources managers with both, the data and the framework to communicate critical strategic workforce issues to top management. The module includes a standard set of dashboards and can also be customized to fit a given organization’s unique needs.

Report Writer

Allows the preparration of management reports on a periodic basis as per user requirements. The reports can be generated in alphanumeric as well as graphical form. Apart from obtaining predefined reports from all purchased modules, you can use this module to view custom reports that can be created using crystal reports and store them as part of the system.

Analytical Tools

Ability to slice and dice information available in the database to generate decision specific information and analyze information across muliple dimensions, which will facilitate efficient and effective decision making.

Self Service HR

The Employee Self-Service Portal provides access to a comprehensive centralized repository of vital employee related information available to HR, employees and managers. The Employee Self Service Portal is the base on which all other functional modules can be added in a “plug-and-play” model to create a comprehensive employee self-service based HR system.

Medical Claim and WC

Tracks Medical Charges and Insurance Claims of Employees while maintaining a log of any pending issues to be sorted out on any ongoing case.


Handles company assets that have been assisgned to employees. Easy one click requisitions and tracking of assets.



  • No additional hardware or software investments are required. In the traditional HRMS software implementation, the customer had to procure Server & licenses as per new software requirement.
  • No new or specialized IT skills required to be arranged. By opting S-a-a-S model on Cloud, customer saves these upfront costs. CFO likes the model since company does not carry financial risks.

Optimised OPEX

  • No maintenance costs towards upgrades & AMC.
  • The dependency on skilled IT resources will be eliminated for the customer.
  • Pay as per no. of employee usage. Higher the no. of employee lower the per head cost. With a SaaS/subscription-pricing model, you pay as you go and use.
  • HRMS has been designed such that companies could pick and choose functional modules depending on current relevance and business needs. It is just matter of enabling required modules as and when the need arises and business moves up the maturity ladder.

Effectively Managed Services

  • One version of software and same version of HRMS exists across all customers. No customer is left behind when the software is updated.
  • It reduces support-overheads but helps achieving higher service level SLAs & operational scalability.
  • With every customer on the same version of HRMS, everyone’s input moves the product forward for the good of everyone else.
  • And it’s the focused enhancement of single source line that makes the HRMS customer community so strong and satisfied.
  • Everyone works collaboratively & speaks the same language, bridging the gap to make a better solution.

Adherence to Latest Compliances

  • HR need not worry about configuring software for regulatory changes. Our team ensures timely updates of statutory & regulatory changes across all customers at the same time.


  • HRMS takes a holistic approach towards customer data protection, ranging from technical safety guards to understanding data privacy and compliance. And those safety guards are built into product and process.


  • EAL protects your data with world-class physical, network, application, and data-level security. EAL maintains program designed to ensure the security and integrity of customer data, protect against security threats or data breaches, and prevent unauthorized access to the customer data.

Sustaining Environment

  • The cloud is environment friendly. Data centers reduce energy consumption. Multi-tenant architecture promotes more efficient usage of computing resources. Overall helps Opportune contributing to society by reducing carbon emission.

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