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Human Resource Solution

As the business environment grows increasingly complex, human capital becomes the only sustainable source of competitive advantage for an organization. Companies that are successful at finding, retaining and developing good employees will outperform their competitors, achieve higher financial success and build greater shareholder value. Endeavour Africa Group offers perfect Human Resource Solutions that can enable you to find, retain and develop good employees, ultimately driving financial performance within your organization.

Web based HRMS that drives business growth

HR Master is a comprehensive web-based Human Resource management solution which focuses on effective and efficient way to manage an organization’s most valuable assets, its “Employees”. HR Master is real-time, multiuser system, facilitating the management of human resources throughout the organization in a distributed fashion. HR Master brings the power of strategic HR in a solution set designed to meet your needs.
KEY FEATURES: Employee Information | Online Leave | Appraisal | Recruitment | Training | Travel |Centralized Management | Career Management | Employee Self Service | Project Tracking | Succession Planing | Assets | Medical Claim and Compensation | Audit trail | Disciplinary & Grievance | Contracts | Mobile Apps.

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Simplify employee time tracking and workforce management

Packed with exhaustive features and industry standard modules, Time Master is a comprehensive Time & Attendance system that adapts to any industry vertical of all size while upholding the organization’s interest. The System works with hand geometry, RFID and finger print devices. Time And Attendance isn’t just good management- it’s the foundation for unlocking your potential and making smarter decisions.
KEY FEATURES: Overtime Management | Leave Management | Shift Planner and scheduler | Multi-location | Audit trail | Report writer | Auto emailer.

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Innovative accurate and affordable payroll solution

A sophisticated and comprehensive software, Paymaster is designed to suit the needs of HR and Finance professionals across small, medium and large size organizations. Developed with the latest technology, Paymaster is a powerful and yet easy to use software, which makes payroll processing a simple job which can be performed in-house.
KEY FEATURES: Multi Country Payroll | Leave Management | Payment & Deduction | Loans and Saving | Statutory Compliance | Bank and ERP integration | Pay Slip auto mailer | Report Writer

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Quick employee identification for identification, accurate payments and many more applications

Identity Master is a software which combines biometrics, digital imaging and other technologies to positively identify people. Highly recommended for cash-based transactions (for identity verification). Used for Banks, Farmers, NGO’s,  Pepole recognition, Student Pass, Cashless transaction.

EATURES: Picture/Details popup | Actual vs. Physical verification | Reports/Analysis

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Accurate, effective and realtime canteen management solution

Canteen management provides user-friendly systems that facilitate quick and efficient operations to manage canteen / cafeteria for large sections of employees or students. The software provides paperless and cashless transactions for an organization integrated with hardware (biometrics).
KEY FEATURES: Shift wise & Person wise analysis | Meal Ticket Printing | Turnstile Integration

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