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SMART INSURE – Insurance Brokerage And Management System

Key Software Features


  • Multi Company/ Multi User.
  • Multi Currency Debit/Credit Notes.
  • Complete Policy Life Cycle Tracking from its Inception.
  • Complete Underwriting Module.
  • Integrated Claims Tracking.
  • Renewal Module.
  • Quotation Management.
  • User Defined Standard Letter Templates.
  • Auto Emailer Module/ Auto SMS Module (add on optional).
  • Handles Co-Insured Policies.
  • Business Segment (Branch) wise Policy grouping.
  • Integrated with Enquest ERP / Tally9.ERP Accounting Package.
  • Auto calculations of Premium, Commission, Taxes, Levies etc.
  • User Rights and Security Controls.
  • Masters Creations for Error Free Data Entry.
  • Compatible with IRA Guide Lines.
  • Fit for both brokers ↦ bancassurance.
  • MIS Reports.

Under Writing

  • Address Book Management of Customer, Insurers & Agents.
  • User Defined Risk Classes for Motor, General (Miscellaneous), Marine, Medical. e.g. Motor Private, Commercial, Fire, Fidelity Guarantee, Public Liability, WIBA, Burglary, Marine Hull, etc.
  • User defined risk note templates & schedules.
  • Policy quotations.
  • Policy insurance, renewal, addendum ↦ refunds.
  • Vehicle fleet management.
  • Motor certificate tracking ↦ printing.
  • Broker &amp binder commissions tracking.
  • Tracking and reconciliation of policy Debit Notes/Credit Notes.
  • Standard communication letter.
  • Binder commission calculation & tracking.
  • User friendly quick searching/Tracking of Policy files.
  • 3rd Party other charges (e.g. Auto assured, Road rescue, Ambulance rescue satellite tracking, etc).
  • Auto prorated premium calculation.
  • Auto calculation of various Levy’s (Training Levy, PCF, WithHolding Tax). Direct payments to Insurance company.
  • Various MIS Reports (filtered on Extensive List of Parameters)
    • Underwritting Register.
    • Day Book.
    • Commission Earned Report.
    • Direct Payments Report.
    • Income Analysis.
    • Risk Ratio Analysis.
    • Renewal List.
    • Renewal Invitation Letters / Notices.
    • Client portfolio.


  • Claims registration.
  • Claims categorization e.g., windscreen claims, radio cassette claims, Third party claims, Written off claims, etc.
  • Claims progress tracking / Recording duplicate entry.
  • Pending documents tracking.
  • Claims settlement / Credit note posting.
  • Claims communication letters.
  • Capture relevant claims details & tracking.
  • Claims progress recording.
  • Discharge voucher tracking.
  • Third party details recording.
  • Claims sheet printing.
  • Various claim reports to be filtered on extensive list of parameters
    • Claims sheet / Claims register report.
    • Pending claims report / Settled claims report.
    • Pending discharge vouchers report.
    • Pending credit notes report / Pending documents report.
    • Claim ratio analysis / Claims ageing report


  • Seamlessly integrated with Tally.ERP9 for accounting.
  • Auto creation of master viz. customers, insurance companies etc.
  • Auto posting of Debit Note, Credit note, Receipts & payment to Tally.
  • Auto updation of ledgers viz. debtors, insurance company, cash, bank, withholding tax, commission, etc.
  • Accounting for direct payments.
  • Periodic financial reports like Trial balance, Income statement ↦ Balance sheet.
  • Multi currency.
  • Cash book / Bank book /Bank reconciliation.
  • Receipting / Statement and cheque printing.
  • Credit Note settlement against Debit Note.
  • Different Debit date (Transaction Date) & effective from date for prior/Post Debit notes.
  • Other reports:
    • Customer statements.
    • Detail/summary outstanding.
    • Bill wise outstanding.
    • Outstanding cleared by Client & pending to Insurer.

Policy Management

Policy File Creation

  • Create New Motor / Miscellaneous / Marine / Medical Policies.
  • Specify relevant policy details.
  • Option to specify T.B.A or Actual policy no.
  • Unique system generated file reference no. alternatively policy no. can also be used as file reference no.
  • Overwrite default commission rates In case required.
  • Mark policies to be renewable/ Non-renewable , current/ lapsed.
  • Provides real time policy situation.

Sub Policy (Vehicle Details) Creation

  • Create a Fleet of Unlimited no. of Vehicles on a policy.
  • Record Relevant Details of Vehicle.
  • Request Motor Certificates through Auto Printed Certificate Requisition Form.
  • Sold / cancel / Written Off vehicles management.

Policy Charges Definition

  • Specify Basic Premium Percent & Sum Insured.
  • Auto Prorated Premium Based on Defined Policy Period.
  • Specify Various Additional Charges / Discounts.
  • Specify other third Party Charges.


  • Generation of Renewal list by date, customer, Insurer or Risk Type.
  • Renewal Notice / Invitation letters.
  • Renewal Proposals with Manual Amendments.
  • One Click Renewal Debit Note Process.
  • Renewal letter can be customized.
  • Sum Assured & Premium Calculations can be modified.
  • System Controls for Non Renewable Policies and written-off Motor Vehicles.
  • Auto Debit Note and Risk Note clauses as per previous policies.
  • Motor Vehicle Certificate Printing on Renewed Policies.
  • Portfolio Register by customer.
  • Calculation of other charges like Auto Assured etc.

MIS Reports


  • Day Book.
  • Commission Report.
  • Agent Commission Report.
  • Direct Payment Report.
  • Sales Analysis.
  • Other charges Report.
  • Underwritting / Portfolio Register.
  • Insurance Register.
  • Motor Vehicle Certificate Report.
  • Renewal list.
  • Risk Ratio Analysis.

Claims Reports

  • Claims Register.
  • Claims Sheet.
  • Claims Ageing.
  • Claims Progress Report.
  • Co-Insurer Claim Register.
  • Claims Ratio Analysis.
  • Pending / Settled Claim Report.
  • Pending Credit Notes / Discharge Voucher Report.
  • Pending Documents Report.

Financial Reports

  • Customer / Insurer Outstanding Reports.
  • Bill Wise Summary.
  • Unallocated Bills Report.
  • Outstanding cleared by Customer but pending to Insurer.
  • Trail Balance, Income Statement ≉ Balance sheet.
  • Bank Book ↦ Bank Reconciliations.

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