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Smart Track – Vehicle Monitoring System

Vehicle Tracking Innovation

Key Software Features


Manage Your Fuel:

Increased Productivity

Reduced Overtime

Faster Response Times

Reduced Communication Costs

Custom Reports

Other Advantages



  • Real Time vehicle location monitoring.
  • Multiple and secure login.
  • SMS/ Email alerts and scheduler.
  • Route planning and analysis.
  • History / Speed analysis.
  • Route deviation notification.
  • Report analysis.
  • Allocation of different vehicles, route and trips.
  • Geo fence alerts.
  • Restrictive hours.
  • Fleet management.
  • Alert management.
  • Driver score management.
  • Fuel management.
  • Tyre management.

Fleet Maintenance

Smart track has an intelligent web based workshop and inventory management module with the following features

  • Job card management.
  • Workshop management.
  • Spares and inventory management.
  • Analysis of vehicle as cost centre.
  • Monthly repair/ expense report.
  • Periodic repairs analysis.
  • Job card details.
  • Spare wise history with stock details.
  • Commercial closure for reorder level updates.
  • Preventive maintenance scheduled Analysis.

Driver Evaluation

Smart track can evaluate driver performance and can be used for appraisal purpose in the organization

  • Driver performance analysis as per parameters.
  • Improved driver performance.
  • Reduce overall cost due to efficient driving.
  • Optimise driver allocation to trips.

Tyre Management

Smart track offers an online feature which manages the life cycle of tyre on a vehicle

  • Allocation of tyres of different vehicles.
  • Optimise tyre replacement.
  • Tyre lifespan study.
  • Mileage exception analysis.
  • Better control over life of tyres.
  • Efficient tyre procurement.

Fuel Management

Smart track has a special fuel device which is connected to particular vehicles / trucks fuel gauge

  • Self-calibrates fuel consumption trend over a fortnight.
  • Auto fuel consumption report.
  • Upto 95% accuracy.
  • Refuel analysis.
  • Mileage report.
  • Fuel usage alerts and graphs.

Temperature Management

Smart track offers a unique feature for refrigerated vans whereby a GPS device is connected to the refrigerator of the van, offering following benefits

  • Immediate damage control.
  • Reduces risk of temperature breakdown.
  • Temperature rise alerts.
  • Refrigerate ON/OFF status report.
  • Temperature reports.
  • Current temperature visibility.
  • Visual temperature rise pattern.

Specialized solution

  • Immobiliser.
  • Driver identification tags.
  • Trans-shipment management.
  • Petroleum transport (oil-tankers) solution.
  • Distress management.
  • Dairy transport monitoring.
  • AC monitoring.

Reports & Alerts

Smart track intelligence reporting offers the following information

  • Activity report.
  • Trip wise report.
  • Hub arrival report.
  • Hub departure report.
  • Stop alert.
  • Eception alert.
  • Route deviation alerts.
  • Top Management alerts.
  • Graphical analysis.
  • ETA report.
  • Refuel point alerts.
  • Summary and details.

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