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Smart Sale

Simple, Effective way of managing sales leads and prospects

Key Software Features

Tired of the term CRM?

The business community is inundated with CRM systems that make claims about improving the sales process. But your sales function needs to be managed in effective way. Many sales automizatoin available in market has lot of complex structure not required by sales person and very difficult to use. Sales people are always on run they need to enter data at ease , fast and effective way. Smart slaes does not give companies the ability to take sales from lead to cash as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Instead of just automating the customer relationship management process for the sales team, Smart sales functionality enables your sales team to keep track of and organize prospects as they migrate through a formal sales process, and then automatically transfers the detailed information contained in a won opportunity.


  • Easy tracking of leads, prospect
  • Knowing exact status of leads
  • Tracking of source which leads came from
  • Division wise and product wise summary and detailed analysis
  • Tracking ratio of closing
  • 3 step data entry for sales team

Business Impact

  • Control benefits costs.
  • Automate benefits administration.
  • Increase accuracy of benefits, deductions and premium payments.
  • Improve service quality and consistency on weighbridge.
  • Provide employees greater control and insight into benefits planning.
  • Centralize access to data.


  • Multiple users can be created in system with login access
  • Person can see his/her data or any other persons data in following way
    • Person reporting to that user
    • Or person having right of that particular product.
  • Complete user hierchy so you can have HOD seeing his people under him (their data) and plan also that people under hod cannot see hod’s data.. It can also be division wise as well


Client Category

Here you can specify what kind of industry that particular like service, bank so its easy to analyse later.


You can setup multiple branch, or division for analysis.

Followup Status

Here you can different type of status to followup as per progress like negotiation, first proposal etc.

Product Type

Different product segment which company deals in.


% of closing of particular followup


How the instance came through

Instance category

Priority level to define how things are moving.


Sales man target can be defined

  • Per month
  • Per product
  • Per sales person


  • Here clients can be created with all details.
  • Multiple contact info can also be strored
  • Visting cards can be scanned (max 2 per client)
  • Smart filter to avoid dublicate clients entry


  • Client can have many instances (or new leads)
  • Smart filter to check instances for particular client to avoid mistakes
  • Serial number is generated with combination of product and instance
  • Instance can also be closed with closing details/li>
  • Multiple follow-ups can be attached to instance


  • Once instance is created there can be multiple follows. It can be entred as daily entry against instance refrence
  • Quotes can be attached to instance


  • This is like reports which u don’t have to print but work on it
  • Drill down and edit option possible
  • Can be exported to excel (only to super user)
  • Sorting can be done on many fields
  • Analysis available for
    • Folllow-ups
    • Instances
    • Clients


  • Many analysis reports in system
  • All reports can be exported to excel for furher analysis
  • Next follow analysis
  • Monthly product wise analysis.
  • Daily / weekly salesman anlaysis with his instances and followup
  • Comparative analysis (target vs actual)
  • Closing analysis per product per month per sales man
  • New leads, positive leads, souce analysis (per product, per division, per salesman)

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