Tab Video Door Entry System




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Key Software Features

Slender profile

Everything outside the walls of your home is contained within a thickness of just 2.5 cm.

TaB is inspired by optimum slimness: the device is simply placed on a surface fixing bracket to create a subtle “suspended” effect that emphasises its design and finish, as well as its ultra-thin profile.

Black and White.

Integral colours, glass-effect surfaces.For a look to suit any interior design scheme

Bright white or tempting black: these two classic and elegant timeless colours blend perfectly into any domestic environment. and, thanks to the special glass effect, TaB acquires an even more pure and stylish appearance.

Capacitive keypad

A smooth-to-the-touch design camouflages innovative technology, the first of is kind applied in this sector.

Communicating with the outside world becomes a multi-sensory experience: your finger slides across a smooth surface in search of a keypad that does not exist. Your eye recognises the intuitive graphics of the icon corresponding to the desired function. and your ear hears the crystal clear sound confirming that your command has been carried out successfully.

Colour display.

Charming from every angle

The world outside the walls of your home has never been so bright and beautiful. a 3.5″ display frames a true image of whoever is ringing your doorbell and asking your permission to enter

Function programming

TAb speaks clearly: you will understand perfectly straight away.

One function to open the lock, one function to mute the ringtone during a call, and even more functions for video door entry unit self-start and stair lighting activation. There are also 4 push buttons that can be programmed for intercom calls or auxiliary services. and the language used is iconographic: clear, simple and back-lit so that you know when your command has been carried out successfully.

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