Plana Switch




HR Solution
Pay MasterTime MasterHR MasterPeople IdentificationCanteen ManagementHR Master SAAS Solution

Security Solution
CCTVFire ProtectionPerimeter SecurityHome AutomationAccess Master

Finanace Solution
Sage PastelTally ERP 9Smart RetailSamrt AssetSmart Insure

Business Solution
Smart TrackTele SoftWeight MasterHospital ManagementSmart Sale

Automation and Wired Products
Plana SwitchesEikon SwitchesHome Automation SystemsEikon EvoTab - Video door SystemELVOX Gate AutomationCISA Lock



Key Software Features


  • Simplicity as the refined choice, with Plana: rigorous design and easy to match.
  • White devices easily to fit into any environment, or Silver devices, brilliant, shiny and iridescent.
  • The fresh and crystal colours of the Reflex cover plates or the soft warmth of natural woods.
  • Elegant metals or informal technopolymers.
  • Plana furnishes your space with originality, designed with the essential in mind.
  • A home in which even the electrical system empathises with you.

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