Eikon Evo




HR Solution
Pay MasterTime MasterHR MasterPeople IdentificationCanteen ManagementHR Master SAAS Solution

Security Solution
CCTVFire ProtectionPerimeter SecurityHome AutomationAccess Master

Finanace Solution
Sage PastelTally ERP 9Smart RetailSamrt AssetSmart Insure

Business Solution
Smart TrackTele SoftWeight MasterHospital ManagementSmart Sale

Automation and Wired Products
Plana SwitchesEikon SwitchesHome Automation SystemsEikon EvoTab - Video door SystemELVOX Gate AutomationCISA Lock



Key Software Features

Aesthetic evolution

A look that is distinguished by its elegance and refinement. In the geometries, in the profiles, in the selection of materials and colours. The richness of the details and the variety of the finishes give Eikon Evo cover plates a superlative charm.

Technological evolution

New devices, advanced functions and control modes: with Eikon Evo the By-me automation system becomes even more intelligent. Innovations that are beautiful to look at and easy to use, adapting instantly whenever people and spaces change.

  • The climate in individual or multiple rooms can be programmed not only based on the ambient temperature or the time of day, but also according to whether or not there are people in the room, the position of the windows and the temperature in adjacent rooms. It can also be part of a preset automation scene. Commands can be centralised or local, e.g. subdivided into zones. Furthermore the system components and operational software can be controlled via mobile phone, which is an extremely useful feature for second-home owners.
  • Lighting control goes hand-in-hand with improved comfort and energy saving. With By-me you can create custom scenes to suit your needs, such as switching on groups of lights in certain conditions or for special occasions, or switching off all lights when going out. The possibilities are limitless.
  • Even some basic household operations such as opening and closing rolling shutters, blinds, doors and gates, can be automated and controlled by By-me in a simple and user-friendly way. The home automation system controls the relative motors based on climatic or weather conditions, the presence or otherwise of people, and preset scenes. The system can therefore play a vital role in homes with elderly or physically impaired residents.

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