Company Profile

Size: 2010KB

Endeavour Security Division

Size: 1730KB

Product Profile

HR Solution

  • HR Master

    Size: 1349KB

  • Time Master

    Size: 1961KB

  • Pay Master

    Size: 1864KB

  • People Identification

    Size: 254KB

  • Canteen Management

    Size: 183KB

Security Solution

  • Turn Stiles

    Size: 240KB

  • Smart Surveillance

    Size: 1467KB

  • Access Master

    Size: 2933KB

  • Fire Master

    Size: 497KB

  • Home Automation

    Size: 620KB

Business Solution

  • Smart Track

    Size: 2262KB

  • Weigh Master

    Size: 760KB

  • Smart Insure

    Size: 981KB

  • Hospital Management

    Size: 3654KB

  • Smart Sale

    Size: 4323KB

Finance Solution

  • Enquest ERP

    Size: 867KB

  • Enquest Retail

    Size: 867KB

  • Smart Asset

    Size: 784KB

  • Sage Pastel

    Size: 933KB

  • Tally ERP

    Size: 380KB

Automation and Wired Products

  • Plana Switches

    Size: 7322KB

  • Home Automation System

    Size: 11859KB

  • TAB – Video Door Entry System

    Size: 6227KB

  • CISA Lock


  • Eikon Switches

    Size: 7037KB

  • ELVOX Switches

    Size: 7396KB

  • ELVOX Gate Automation

    Size: 10422KB

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