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In the gigantic sector of Business Solutions providers in the information technology domain, EAG was founded in 2002 with the sole determination to be the “preferred” provider of cutting-edge Business solutions to clients which were innovative, cost effective and results oriented.With a client base of over 3000 (and growing clients) across Africa who have various products from out basket and a team of 125 professionals working with us. We can proudly say that we have achieved the level we set out to get. Our Clients have continued to appreciate our high value-adding solutions and have regarded us more as growth partners rather than mere ERP solutions providers.

The IT Industry simply can’t afford solutions that don’t come with full assurance of stability and a reliable 24×6 support organization. They require comprehensive technology integration and all the pieces need to fit accurately. That’s where ENDEAVOUR AFRICA comes in. We design, deploy, integrate, update, manage, train, and support services and products for our clients.

From deployment, to development, to management – organizations can rely on ENDEAVOUR AFRICA’s expertise at every step.

EAG has evolved into a one stop solution provider offering sophisticated and multi-faceted Information Technology solutions that span an entire spectrum of business processes in the market. Owing to an extremely stable product line, quick solution delivery and unmatched Customer Service, EAG has established a niche in the IT solutions domain. Our tradition of customer-centric business practice has earned us the respect and reputation in the East and Central African market. Being a technology driven group strict adherence to quality output has us constantly treading along the trajectory of phenomenal growth.

EAG’s constant chase of delivering better products to the market imparts dynamism to its ideology. As a result our product line is constantly growing and new abilities are being added to its existing range of products.>

EAG’s service catalogue can be classified in the following broad segments:

Business needs today are as diverse as the technology applications created to help manage them. As a result, a seemingly simple request can become overly complex or grow wildly out of control. We are able to provide our accumulated expertise with a wide variety of technologies in a cost efficient and timely manner.

  • Our solutions are designed and built using the latest development tools to support high transaction volumes and multi-site configurations.
  • The industry-standard Windows design makes ENDEAVOUR easy to learn, easy to use, and economical to implement and support.
  • It is easily integrated with other tools for organizing documents, images or financial data, or Internet Explorer for harnessing the power of the World Wide Web.
  • Allows maximization of your investment in one product by using it seamlessly with other popular Windows-based office software products.

Technology is ever changing and evolving. The system architecture of our software is crucial in defining its long-term capabilities. ENDEAVOUR’S solutions offer a highly flexible design, making it both suitable and affordable for small, medium & large companies to utilize.

Scalable Design

All Endeavour systems allow companies to start small and grow as their needs change – without having to change systems. Our scalable design, built on key industry-standard and nonproprietary technologies that are crucial for long-term success, supports both the single-company and the large multi-company enterprises.

A Single Data Foundation

The foundation of our Solution Series is its single Microsoft SQL Server database. In fact, it was the highest rated database design in an independent analysis conducted by Microsoft. This single database not only allows for one common office data repository amongst all our applications, but also allows us to easily provide added features and functions that other bridged systems cannot.

Network Compatibility

Endeavour Software Solutions applications run across Ethernet networks, supporting either Microsoft Windows utilizing TCP/IP or other protocols. For wide area networks, we recommend using Windows Terminal Server/Windows 2000 Advanced Server (the number of servers running it varies, depending on the number of concurrent users).

Interface Engine

Data Records recognizes the importance of interconnectivity and offers a wide variety of electronic data interchange import/export features. The interfaces allow the transfer of data into and out of your Software. What this means to you is that you will spend less time entering data, getting better data quickly, and most importantly, getting access to information in real time.

The only way to have a good approach is to nurture the best talents. At ENDEAVOUR, we recognize that our strength lies in our people.

ENDEAVOUR is composed of highly-skilled and motivated individuals from top management all the way down its ranks.

At ENDEAVOUR, we recognize the fact that it is our people who deliver what our client’s need. In fact, we acknowledge that our success is based on their unparalleled expertise and strong commitment to deliver. We believe that our people are distinctive in the work they do, in their ability to think out-of-the-box and in their execution abilities. Their commitment to the clients they serve is exceptional and their ability to develop and sustain long-term relationships is highly admirable.

Our entire system has been designed and constructed from the ground up by our own team of experienced software developers with years of experience. Unlike most companies, we own and manage the programming company.

A single team of software development professionals work together, as opposed to separate development teams spread around the country or around the world. Because of this ideal system, our products have an intuitive and consistent look and feel with common behavior all throughout. Also, this means that we are able to deliver the latest technology in the fastest time possible.

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